The automatic door system is based on the use of configuration requirements and is equipped with an automatic door controller connected with peripheral auxiliary control devices, such as door signal source, access control system, security device, centralized control. It should be based on the characteristics of the use of the building. Through the structure of personnel, the requirements of the automatic control system and other reasonable manufacturing equipped with auxiliary control devices.

The new-look has an automatic door opening signal as the contact signal, microwave radar and infrared sensor are generally used two signal sources: microwave radar is a response to the object’s displacement, so the response speed is fast, the normal running speed is Suitable for speed. People through the place, it is characteristic of a bar near the door, people do not want to go out and stationary, the radar will no longer respond, the automatic door will be closed, the door has a certain protective effect. Our infrared sensor reacts to the presence of the object. No matter whether the person moves or not, as long as it is within the scanning range of the sensor, it will respond and send a contact signal.

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Automatic door: has an advanced unlock system. The synergy between automatic door unlocking action and opening action applies to the electronic lock of automatic translation door, electromagnetic lock with lock belt and electric lock of lock body pendant, three-way lock motor. The latter is used for heavy automatic sliding doors, automatic flat door electronic lock has electromagnetic door suction, electronic latch lock and electronic door opener, the force direction of electronic door opening does not affect the door opening action, It is not easy to misoperate. There is also a mechanical lock with a contact switch, which connects the lock with the switch. If the lock is not in the unlocked position, the contact cannot be made and there is no possibility of misoperation.

Centralized control: The concept of centralized control, in which centralized monitoring automatic running state and centred multiple automatic door operation have two meanings, centralized monitoring automatic door to open closed state, the status signal can be performed by the output circuit in a contact switch Can be used, when the door to reach a certain position (such as open position), tactile switch and contact signal are given. An inductive signal generator can also be used to send a signal when the sensor detects that the door is in a certain position. Set the corresponding indicator light in the central control panel, can show the status of automatic doors, and centralized operation usually refers to an opening or locking multiple doors at the same time, depending on the automatic door controller whose There is no terminal nearby.

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