Curtain Wallings 

Curtain walls are an honestly common and well-known characteristic in modern buildings. It is designed to protect the whole building from the outside aspects (such as bad weather), curtain walls are certain panels that are positioned at the outside of the building often through chemical and mechanical bonding, or adhesive. These Curtain walls are made of metal, glass or stone, and have an abundance of benefits when they are composed in modern designs.

New Look has a remarkable track record in fabricating, designing, and installing facades for high-end commercial projects and it also offers an exclusive range of aluminum and glossing framing systems.

The new-look curtain walling system deals with a non-load bearing. It is mainly used to cover large expanses of the construction envelope to maximize normal light entry and ‘connect’ the interior and exterior aspects, creating perfect for most retail and office environments.

New Look gives a classy look through the curtain walling systems. We provide the finest aluminum that’s combined with opaque or glazed panels for resilience, energy efficiency, and safety. As it incorporates doors and windows.

Fabrication, installation, and design of your curtain walling are managed by our competent team. Reasonable cutting costs and less hassle will be dealt with when you select New Look for your fine curtain wallings.

Sufficient for any size of the facade, single or multi-story, curtain walling furnishes a versatile coated façade and it can be customized too with hard-wearing finishes to complement your branding standard requirements.

Why choose New Look Curtain Walling?

  • We create large lengths of coating with the smallest visual obstruction
  • It is adequate for single or multi-story structures
  • Durable, strong, and low expenditure system
  • Equipped with high thermal energy efficiency
  • Easy customizable choices for coating, panels, finishes and powder coated color
  • Compatible with any type of manual and automatic door entrance system.

Some more achievements by New Looks 


Our project experience broadens a large range from simple stick curtain walling to customized, completely unitized coating – provided across a wide range of schemes in the curtain walling. 

We cater to the need and hence there are many retailers or shop owners that have faith in us. We have inbuilt trust and always make sure to finish off the work in the given timeline. 


New looks never compromise with the quality. In our curtain walling system, we make sure to provide every material of supreme quality. Our policy is to serve the best with the top quality.  

We have worked with the top leading commercial stores and received positive feedback in our installation, fabrication, and design services. 


We plan everything before serving it. At every installation level and the minute details, we have an accredited team that delivers innovative solutions accompanied by top quality, value, and modifications.

How is our Curtain Walling more effective than our competitors? 

  • New Look creates curtain walling that will slow the speed of fire.
  • New Look created thermal efficiency.
  • New Look curtain walling system reduces building sway.
  • New Look creates curtain walling with the best appearance and attractiveness.

What else can you discover from NEW LOOK for your curtain walling installation? 

 Site survey and quotation 

We believe in taking inspections before starting the installation process. To understand the facade and curtain walling requirements, we do a site survey. The site survey is done to be prepared for any advice on practical, legislative, and building regulation requirements. The whole installation process has been taken care of with every small detail of your store. 

A site survey is done to understand the whole specification and design comprising CAD drawings for authorization. Our experienced competent team supports you to select the most favorable products for your curtain walling project.

After-sales service and modification 

New looks offer to service and scheduled preventive maintenance plans to safeguard your investment to assure your doors continue to be secure, safe, and compliant, as well as requesting an emergency call-out assistance for facade, shopfront, window, and door system repairs.

If you are interested in installing or remodeling your building façade by creating an appealing look in the entrance through a spectacular curtain walling system, make sure to get in touch with us.