Roller shutters are a modern means of protecting windows, doors and other places. They can protect property and valuables from theft, as well as protect the premises from strong sunlight and the noise of city streets.

The new-look offers different types of roller shutters on the market today, depending on the material of manufacture, installation method and destination.

Our manual roller shutters are more reliable, as they can neither be folded nor removed. In addition, such roller shutters look in door or window openings. More attractive and elegant.

Manual roller shutters are intended for installation in small openings. They may not provide a high level of reliability, but they have excellent decorative properties and ease of use. They can protect the room from strong sunlight, noise or prying eyes.  Such roller shutters provide a high level of security and reliable protection against unwanted guests and intrusions.

Some roller shutters like armoured rollers are usually equipped with electrical and remote control… They are installed in financial institutions as well as buildings and premises in need of increased security.

A separate type of modern roller shutter is the so-called perforated structure. They are made from a metal profile with transparent plastic inserts or simply through holes of various shapes. Perforated roller shutters are more expensive but at the same time more functional and beautiful types of protective structures. They are installed where regular ventilation or visual contact between separate rooms is required. Perforated roller shutters are also often used to protect shop windows.

 A wider and more durable profile, while the principle of their work is no different. Rolling shutters are ideal for private garages, retail and storage facilities. The indisputable advantage of roller shutters of this type is space-saving.  They do not depend on the lintel and engineering infrastructure of the room. In addition, roller shutters not only save your nerves but also save money: this type of roller shutter is much cheaper and more compact than its counterparts.

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