Grill Rolling shutters are outstanding solutions for your shops and showroom. It is equally useful for your other storage spaces but primarily used for a shop or for any places where your products items are placed for sale or are on exhibit, it compels a unique kind of shutters that propose safety without obstructing the vision of the materials that are inside your shops. New look grill rolling shutters are flawlessly safe as it dissuades admission of any people. It also prevents any wilful destruction of the property as the grill safeguards the interior from the stuff that is being flung into.

Our Grill Shutter Features :

  • Shutters are lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Cost is effective.
  • Less material is used.
  • Provides a view of the interior
  • Does not lessen the aesthetic attraction of the show portions inside the shop.

The new-look has expertise in installing exceptional Grill Rolling Shutters as it is made up of international standard material. Our Rolling Grills are composed of high-quality steel rods to utilize the exact principles of rolling shutter. It is just ideal for showrooms and also for display windows. Rolling Shutter Grills authorize full ventilation and allow in light and keep out pilferers. When all-around measurement surpasses 70 sq. ft, ball bearings are delivered. Mostly made up of 8mm rounds of steel. It can be motorized for smooth and easy operations. In addition, easy installation and low maintenance costs.

These shutters are used in and prove them again and again.I t needs very little headroom above the structural opening. It can be rolled up compactly behind the lintel. All thanks to an ingeniously simple construction with just a few components

Our high level of specialisation in rolling shutter and rolling grille structure goes way ahead of normal standards. For our devoted and competent team, enforcing special treatments is part of their daily routine. Our speciality is a compact design with a max. New looks grills are the finest to install.

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