Our comprehensive types of perforated shutters perform as an enormous solution for all retailers. It has multiple uses. It can be used in both shopping malls and high streets. New look high-quality perforated Shutters shields the premises to be more secured, whilst letting buyers see inner area even it is is backlit. Security staff are skilled to take a look that the shop is secure.

The new-look has a wide range of options, the Shutter formation can be of aluminium or steel and are usable with aesthetically gratifying finishes and in various colours. This shutter is all well used in retail shops, cinemas, hospitals, libraries, colleges, gyms, schools, universities and health centres.

The shutters have excellent features. It is lightweight and we can design the shutters of your choice like electric or manual operating systems to match your requirements. Our Perforated roller shutter doors retain a top level of protection with great visibility. These are powerful safety solutions that are reasonable and expect the lowest maintenance, providing reliable newly and durable. The new-look offers plastisol coated or Polyester powder coated in a span of common RAL colours. Our security shutters ensure a high level of safety against destruction and theft.


Car parks

Retail properties

Areas where vision or airflow are needed



The curtain is designed from galvanising connected steel laths that are tightened in place by end latches. Bottom rails are commonly galvanised and roll-formed into a category.


There are vertical guides that are constructed from fabricated or rolled sheets dependent on the length and are equipped with applicable angles for fixing the configuration.


Soft steel of reasonable consistency in association to entrance thickness is primarily painted and stocked with curves for fixing to the configuration.


Our barrels are generally formulated from a seamless steel tube of proper diameter to equalize deflection and handle in bearings or cups connected to the horizon plates.


The shutter comes in galvanised with non-galvanised portions primary painted as regular. Buyers can decide to have a powder coating of nearly any colour as an extra.

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Choose New looks for exceptional service and get quality Perforrated Roller Shutter at a great price. We ensure quality products and offer a well-organized installation service. What’s more, all our products come with an exclusive warranty. We provide the best possible as we plan a site survey to exactly know all requirements in detail.

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