Roller Shutters

Before selecting the right roller, always strive to make a smarter choice by investing in a high-quality roller shutter. The roller shutters are an affordable way to enrich the style, safety, and secrecy of your space. They are specially formulated for wrapping doors and windows, and they can be installed to fit the bay window,  corner, and also the front doors and sliding.

A new look is your ideal choice for selecting the best roller shutter. We serve the purpose of both residential and commercial properties. We provide a full-scale service comprising installation, supply, repair, and maintenance. Our collection of world-made, affordable roller shutters are available in sizes that match your requirement. There are some Bushfire Rated Roller Shutters, adequate for your doors and in bushfire-prone residential areas.

The new-look offers various types of Roller Shutters like: 

Electric or Manual Roller Shutters 

Always choose what’s best for your operation. Access your requirement and select between manual or convenient motorization in battery or electronic operated controls.

We offer a wide range of colors and materials. All you need is to select the ideal choice as per your requirement. The new-look offers an affordable price without compromising on quality. 

Motorised Roller Shutters

Motorised Roller Shutters are convenient to use. It is regulated by a wall-mounted switch or remote control. They are perfect for such locations where the window access creates manual winding tough such as first-floor windows.

Battery Operated Roller Shutters

The new-look offers a battery-operated roller shutter. In this, there will be an automation system that allows you to raise and down the shutters with a simple touch of a button. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery retains a large capacity and it just simply charges like a mobile phone.

Manual Roller Shutters

Manual Rollers Shutters are operated with a strap or winder. It is very cost-effective and can be easily operated. No usage of electricity and no motors makes them easy and productive to use. It is also durable.

Some exclusive features in our roller shutter like: 

Safety and Protection

Window shutters offer great protection against many things like burglaries in your home. Our strong rolling Shutters provide both an extra layer of protection and instruction of views. 

Protection from all types of weather 

Our window and door shutters excel at resisting the harsh climate. In the summer, they curb the strong UV rays from permeating the home, and in winter, they safeguard the home against rain and wind.


The new-look makes a modern design and powerful Rolling Shutters provides an incredible view from the outer when opened and eradicating the light when it is closed 

Window shutters

New look window Rolling Shutters are shaped with an interlocking system. This creates a fully secure choice for your commercial or residential property.

Not only will this feature protect against intruders, but it’ll also guarantee your stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

Why Do You Need New Look Roller Shutters for Your Space? 

New looks offering exceptional roller shutters. Our range of Roller Shutters is an excellent solution for both commercial and residential. It is fully secured and has proven to provide the best quality. All of our products are available at a very reasonable price and are designed with optimal durability and strength. 

Our roller shutters are coated in an abrasive and fade-resistant enamel, ensuring powerful protection against a bad climate. They can withstand block rain, damaging UV rays, hail, and other flying objects. It can shield the ember attacks during bushfires.

Receive a Quote 

Choose New looks for unbeatable service and get quality Roller Shutters at a great price. We ensure speedy delivery and quality product. What’s more, all our products come with an exclusive warranty.

To find out more about New look and to know more about our collection and to assure you get the exceptional choice for your desires, contact our team and get a quote