Elegant, latest, and usable – that is what any sliding door should stand for. It retains both functionality and beauty. The new-look offers an excellent span of sliding doors that are formulated to deck out your space and furnish your interiors. Our extended range of sliding doors is formulated with high-quality fabrics to assure that these gates are strong and durable. New look sliding doors are an excellent match for modern architecture and also score great on functionality.

High-Quality Sliding Door Profile Aluminum

New Look Sliding Door made with aluminium, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese, have a great advantage on hardening degree, and ply can all reach up to 1mm, and low-quality profiles are reproduced aluminium, hard degree and the service life is reduced. The main bearing force of the hanging door frame structure is the upper rail of the hanging door, and the quality of the hanging wheel also determines the service life of the hanging door. Door hole supports on both side door hole upper part, door fan is hung from the condole wheel at the bottom, push the door fan, go up and push the wheel along with door fan and slide.

New Look Sliding Door Features

  1. Receiving a detection signal from a sensor or other signal switch, driving the motor and controlling the door to operate in the prescribed manner. Wide voltage power supply design, built-in auxiliary light sensor, double door interlock and other multi-group. The interface further enhances the security and versatility of the product.
  2. DC brushless motor, large torque life, long service life, high efficiency; Helical gear is used in reducing gearbox for driving, making the whole machine stable and reliable.
  3. Large and ultra-wide guide rails can open the door leaf to the maximum position without obstruction during the operation process.
  4. Humanization design, high security. If a door closes when it is closed, the special test function will work. In case the person pushes and pulls the door, the program will be automatically recognized without the disorder. Small manual opening force, in a power outage, the door can be opened slowly.
  5. Belt and roller are adopted new material, wear-resisting and strong. Advanced flat top circular arc drive makes the drive more stable.
  6. Unique two-door interlock function, suits places with constant temperature and humidity.
  7. Working function of half-open will save energy consumption in the air condition environment.
  8. Multiple access control modes are available, automatic doors can be connected with computers, and an integrated functional system with functions of access control, attendance, security monitoring and so on.
  9. Equipped with a safety beam interface, meeting high-security requirements from customers.
  10. Idle pulley equipped with belt tension regulator; The hanger is easy to adjust the height and the level of installation is simple.

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