Solid Roller Shutters are considered one of the best choices to protect your office, business space as securely as possible. Despite the variety in rollers, the  Solid roller shutter provides ultimate safety, New look provides. Our Solid Roller Shutters are weather-proof and with additional insulating properties, and also being fire rated. We also offer a customisation option and they can design and suit your security.

Our Service

We boast good industry knowledge, so we can modify your Roller Shutter doors to your exact requirements. Similarly, we propose you more comprising remote control systems or wall-mounted buttons for automation, if needed. Not to speak of the span of fixings and locking systems you can select from. Lastly, in the installations, your solid Roller Shutters are ready with powder coating in the full range of RAL colours. This assures that your security shutters benefit your brand.

Here at New look Shop Fronts, we deliver the best reasonable solid rolling shutters. We have built these shutters from great research and development to deliver you a promising product and an inexpensive reasonable rate.

Our solid roller shutters are the excellent, low-cost cheap way to ensure your valuables property, our solid shutters can be performed manually as well as electrically.

New look solid roller shutter has many various bases but the major one is to highlight to any intruder that your place is almost difficult to break into. Not only does the shutter provide safety to a high level, but it is made up of premium grade material that also enables strong weatherproofing and no view from the outside.

Solid roller shutters can benefit from the security, be it used for commercial or domestic. The new-look provides roller shutters for shops, showrooms, retail, factory, garages, etc. We make sure you are protected. These shutters authorize a solid metal barrier to be inducted to work as an additional wall to enable enhanced safety. We aim to be as flexible as feasible so we can furnish our customers with a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colours to suit their requirements.

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Choose New looks for exceptional service and get quality Solid Roller Shutter at a great price. We ensure quality products and offer a well-organized installation service. What’s more, all our products come with an exclusive warranty. We provide the best possible as we plan a site survey to exactly know all requirements in detail.

Find out more about New look and to know more about our collection and to assure you get the exceptional choice for your desires, contact our team and get a quote