The new look offers UPVC windows and doors in such a material, which neither rusts like these nor is this fault. It keeps you and your family completely safe. Doors made of wood tend to corrode, and aluminium or steel doors rust when they react galvanically with the fasteners.

They require more maintenance, as well as have many other side effects. At the same time, the doors and windows of UPVC from a new look are also resistant to wind, water, sunlight etc.

Why are the new look UPVC windows and doors considered the best?

Suitable for all weather UPVC

During monsoons, moisture accumulates around windows and doors. This causes rusting of aluminium windows, thus making them less durable and costing more to maintain. On the other hand, UPVC window frames are moisture resistant. These are suitable for all seasons. Their special structure protects the inner layers of doors and windows from rainwater and wind.

A wide range of UPVC are available

The new-look is one of the first companies to introduce ‘UPVC’ in a wide manner. Our technology partner introduces cutting-edge products in the area of ​​UPVC windows and doors.

The company offers a wide range of uPVC doors and windows in various colours along with various glass solutions and insect screens. The new look uses state-of-the-art technology coupled with a rigorous quality check process to manufacture attractive and durable products.

Doors and windows can be recycled

New look UPVC doors and windows can be recycled. They contain calcium zinc stabilizer instead of lead stabilizer, which does not release harmful gases during production and therefore does not harm the environment either. Looking at the eco-friendly features of UPVC, it can be said that we are environmental oriented.

UPVC frames are cheap

UPVC frames are cheaper when compared to aluminium frames. At the same time, they neither erode nor do they rust nor do their colour fade. In this case, their maintenance cost is very less. These frames are durable and have heatproof and soundproofing properties. Not only this, but they also provide a high level of security.

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